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Hills Science Diet





Hill’s* Science Diet*

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Hill’s Helpline: 1800 800 733


Your pet’s health and vitality depends on what you feed it. Cats and dogs need the right balance of nutrients, carefully matched to their particular age and activity level. They need a diet that provides the right amount of quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also avoids potentially harmful excesses of minerals and salt.


That the precise balance that you’ll find in every Science Diet* brand pet food. Each formula benefits from Hill’s 50 years of leadership in pet nutrition. No wonder veterinarians around the world choose Science Diet for their own pets…and recommend it for a healthy difference you can see in your dog or cat.


All Hill’s Science Diet formulas have the following attributes – which means you can feed and recommend with confidence.


Nutritionally Complete & Balanced Formulas

• No need for added meat or supplements

• Avoids nutritional excesses and deficiencies

• High in essential fatty acids for a glossy, healthy coat


Highly palatable and digestible

• Less odour and mess to clean up

• Concentrated, so a smaller amount of food is required


Formulas matched to every pet’s individual needs

• Formulas to suit every ‘life stage’ and activity level


Economical and Convenient

• Cost effective pet food that provides better nutrition at less cost

• The choice of dry, canned and treats.


Naturally Preserved

• With Vit E, Citric Acid & Rosemary Extract


Hill’s also offers 100% money back guarantee, helpline support for customers and technical support for Veterinarians and nurses, freecall 1800 800 733.




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